Hello world!

I'm Kim Tuan Do (click for picture), a 5th year graduate student at Princeton University. My PhD adivsor is Christopher Skinner. Before that I did my undergrad at Imperial College London and Part III in Cambridge.

My (current self) interest is Euler system, Iwasawa theory and a tiny bit of the Bloch-Kato conjecture. My (younger self) interest is gap between primes. I am also doing math labor-job for my friend Trung (Average) Phan, leading to my (get-away-from-math self) interest is some Physics-Number Theory related questions.

My email can be found in the first link!

Bonus: Here is my fiancée Như 's brother, em Bò, who is a regular attendee of some Zoom's math lectures/seminars these days.

Note that while this webpage design is pirated from my favorite Galois theory lecturer Kevin Buzzard, its existence is kindly recommended by my friend Evan O’Dorney.