Kenny Ascher


Office: Fine Hall 1009

About me:

I am currently an Instructor at Princeton University. Starting Fall 2021, I will be an assistant professor at UC Irvine.

My research is partially supported by NSF grant DMS-2001408. I was previously supported by an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Here is my CV.

Research Interests

Algebraic & arithmetic geometry-- moduli spaces of higher dimensional varieties, birational geometry, logarithmic geometry, hyperbolicity, and rational/integral points.

Publications & Preprints

Expository Writing

  • Hyperbolicity of varieties of log general type: geometry and arithmetic. (with Amos Turchet). In December 2018, we gave a mini-course on various notions of hyperbolicity for varieties of log general type from the viewpoint of both arithmetic and birational geometry as part of the Geometry and arithmetic of orbifolds workshop at UQÁM. To appear in Arithmetic Geometry of Logarithmic Pairs and Hyperbolicity of Moduli Spaces Hyperbolicity in Montréal. CRM Short Courses.


In Fall 2020 I will teach Math 202 (Linear Algebra). Information can be found on blackboard.


- In Summer 2018 and 2019 I gave lectures to high school students as part of the SIMUW program at the University of Washington.

- In Summer 2017 I worked at Yale University as a project mentor for SUMRY, where I mentored 3 undergraduates in a research project (see paper * above).

- While at Brown, I was an active member of the Math CoOp organized by Kavita Ramanan. We discuss, create, and deliver (applicable) mathematics presentations to K - 12 students in the New England area.

Conferences Organized

Workshop in algebraic geometry @ Princeton

BATMOBYLE (Bi-annual Algebraic and Tropical Meetings of Brown and YaLE).

Last Updated: September 2020