John Sheridan


I am a Lecturer in the math department at Princeton. I work in algebraic geometry.

My interests include syzygies of equations defining varieties in projective space, vector bundles and linear systems on curves and surfaces, moduli of Higgs bundles, and questions concerning positivity in algebraic geometry more generally.

You can find my CV here.
  • Email: john.sheridan[at]
  • Office: 1003, Department of Mathematics, Princeton University


  • Severi curves of rational elliptic surfaces (2023) (arXiv)
    (with F. Greer and J. Helfer)

  • Projective normality of canonical symmetric squares (2022) (arXiv)

  • Torelli theorems for some Steiner bundles (2022) (arXiv)
    (with R. Lazarsfeld)

  • Divisor varieties of symmetric products (2022) (arXiv, Journal)

  • Thesis (2020)


I am currently teaching MAT 201 : Multivariable Calculus. My teaching history can be found here.