John R. L. Anderson

I am a fifth year graduate student in math at Princeton University.

My advisor is Sergiu Klainerman.

I can be reached at jranders AT math DOT princeton DOT edu.

Research Interests

Hyperbolic partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, differential geometry

Publications and Preprints

1. (Joint with Samuel Zbarsky) Stability and instability of traveling wave solutions to nonlinear wave equations, 2020, preprint.

2. (Joint with Federico Pasqualotto) Global stability for nonlinear wave equations with multi-localized initial data, 2019, submitted.


PhD in mathematics, Princeton University, 2016 -

MSc in mathematics, ETH Zurich, 2014-2016

AB in mathematics, Princeton University, 2010-2014


Teaching AI for MAT 459 (Topics in Geometry: Semi-Riemannian Geometry & Geometric Analysis), Fall 2017

Teaching AI for MAT 104 (Calculus II), Spring 2018

Teaching AI for MAT 103 (Calculus I), Fall 2018

Instructor for MAT 175 (Mathematics for Economics/Life Sciences), Spring 2019

Teaching AI for MAT 192 (An Integrated Introduction to Engineering, Mathematics, Physics), Fall 2019

Teaching AI for MAT 201 (Multivariable Calculus), Spring 2020