Javier Gómez-Serrano

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  • Department of Mathematics
    Princeton University
    Fine Hall, Washington Road
    Princeton, NJ 08544, USA

    Office: 610 Fine Hall
    Phone: (609) 258 1725
    E-mail: jg27[at]math.princeton.edu


    I am an Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at the Department of Mathematics. Before that, I was a graduate student of Diego Córdoba at ICMAT in Madrid and an Instructor at Princeton.

    I will join the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Barcelona and the Department of Mathematics at Brown University next fall.

    I co-organize the Analysis of Fluids and related topics Seminar and the new (virtual) ONEPAS Seminar.


    My research interests are on the boundary between analysis, partial differential equations, fluid mechanics, spectral geometry, numerical computation and rigorous computer-assisted proofs.

    My research is partially supported by the National Science Foundation through Grant NSF DMS-1763356 and by the European Research Council through ERC Starting Grant 852741 (starting July 1).

    There may be predoc and postdoc positions available in the future. Please contact me for details.

    You can click here to get my papers and here for my CV.


    Spring 2020:

    Math 972 (Junior Seminar: Elliptic PDE and Spectral Geometry).

    Lectures: Wed 7pm-9pm via Zoom.