Deformation theory learning seminar


10/12 (Fri) 4pm, Fine Hall Common Room: Sorting things out.

10/19 (Fri) 3:30pm, Fine 601: Formal deformation theory (Mohan).

10/30 (Tue) 10am, Fine 322: Examples of deformation functors (Shaoyun).

11/6 (Tue) 10am, Jadwin 111: Applications of elementary deformation theory (Kenny).

11/13 (Tue) 10am, Jadwin 111: Motivating the cotangent complex (Eric).

11/20 (Tue) 10am, Jadwin 111: The cotangent complex I (Linus).

11/27 (Tue) 10am, Jadwin 111: The cotangent complex II (Linus/Gyujin).

12/11 (Tue) 10am, Jadwin 111: Overflow / Artin approximation, Elkik algebraization and Néron desingularization (Gyujin).

1/23 (Wed) 1pm, Fine 314: Behrend-Fantechi I (Mohan).

2/?/2020: Behrend-Fantechi II (Mohan).

Suggestions for papers (feel free to email me if you would like to present any of these papers or those in the syllabus later):