Evita Nestoridi

Princeton Events

I have joined the Women in Probability ECPG seminar, organized by Tai Melcher. We introduced ourselves by giving research talks and we have monthly meetings were discuss difficulties that we face in academia. I am taking part in the 2017 Women and Math at IAS. I am helping organize the panels of the conference.

Stanford Events

At Stanford, we have a small community of women in math and we really try to create a better ambiance for everyone. In particular, we focus on helping the incoming female students feel comfortable and confident. Also, we have frequent events were we all discuss, share our concerns, while the more senior people provide the younger ones with valuable advice. Once per quarter, we have a distinguished female mathematician to giving a talk at the Beatrice Yormark Distingueshed Lecture Series and invite them to lunch to meet them. Professor Eleny Ionel is organizing these amazing events, sponsored by Justin Walker.

Other events

On 2013 and 2014, I attended the IAS Women In Math Program concerning Combinatorics and Graph Theory and Random Matrix Theory respectively. This is a very high-quality program focusing on different subjects every year and they are a great opportunity to interact with new people and support each other.