Eden Prywes

Princeton University
Department of Mathematics
Postdoctoral Researcher

Contact Information:
Fine Hall 310
eprywes [at] princeton.edu

I am currently an organizer for the Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis Seminar .


- On the Moduli of Lipschitz Homology Classes (with Ilmari Kangasniemi). Submitted, (2022).[Link]

- Quasiconformal Flows on non-Conformally Flat Spheres (with Sun-Yung Alice Chang and Paul Yang). Adv. Math., 404, (2022).[Link]

- Quasiregular Curves of Small Distortion in Product Manifolds (with Susanna Heikkilä and Pekka Pankka). J. Geom. Anal., 33(1), (2023). [Link]

- On Schwartz Equivalence of Quasidiscs and Other Planar Domains (with Ary Shaviv). Math. Z., 301, (2022). [Link]

- Open and Discrete Maps with Piecewise Linear Branch Set Images are Piecewise Linear Maps (with Rami Luisto). J. London Math. Soc., 103(3), (2020). [Link] [Slides]

- A Bound on the Cohomology of Quasiregularly Elliptic Manifolds. Ann. of Math., 189, (2019). [Paper] [Slides]

- The Hodge Star Operator and the Beltrami Equation. Complex Anal. Synerg., 8, (2022). [Link]



I am currently teaching Mat 201, Multivariable Calculus.

Previous Teaching:
Fall 2022: FRS 157, Mathematics and Astronomy
Spring 2022: Mat 215, Single Variable Analysis with an Introduction to Proofs
Fall 2021: Mat 320, Introduction to Real Analysis
Spring 2021: Mat 201, Multivariable Calculus [Lecture Notes and Precept Problems]
Fall 2020: Mat 104, Calculus II