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Memorare: score listen

Chorale preludes for organ, in Baroque style (18th century, in the style of J.S. Bach)

I. O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles): score listen

II. Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (Grosser Gott): score

III. Faith of Our Fathers (St. Catherine): score

IV. Rejoice! The Lord is King: score

Motets for mixed chorus, in Romantic style (19th century)

Ave Verum (presented at the 2018 CMAA Colloquium): score listen

Motets for mixed chorus, in Renaissance style (16th century, in the style of Palestrina and Victoria)

Personent hodie (harmonization of an anonymous Christmas carol): score

Domine non sum dignus: score

Compositions for the piano, in personal style

97 Digits of Pi: score

After the Battle: listen

Meditation on the Holy Sacrament (based on the Gregorian hymn Pange lingua): listen

Ritornello in a new time signature (featured in the 2018 Mathematics Department Recital): score listen

Grand Croggon Rhapsody: score listen

For chorus and organ, in personal style

Missa Contemplationis:

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Productivity Principles by Ruby

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