Boyu Zhang

Department of Mathematics, Princeton University
Fine Hall, Princeton, NJ 08540
Office: Fine Hall 602
email: bz at math dot princeton dot edu

I am a math instructor at Princeton University. I completed my Ph.D. at Harvard University in 2018 advised by Clifford Taubes. My research interest is in gauge theory, symplectic geometry, and low dimensional topology. In particular, I am interested in applications of gauge theory to the study of geometric structures on three and four-dimensional manifolds, such as foliations, contact structures, and symplectic structures. Here is my CV.


  1. Instantons and Khovanov skein homology on I×T2 (Joint with Yi Xie)

  2. Two detection results of Khovanov homology on links (Joint with Zhenkun Li and Yi Xie)

  3. On links with Khovanov homology of small ranks (Joint with Yi Xie)

  4. Classification of links with Khovanov homology of minimal rank (Joint with Yi Xie)

  5. Instanton Floer homology for sutured manifolds with tangles (Joint with Yi Xie)

  6. On the compactness problem for a family of generalized Seiberg-Witten equations in dimension three (Joint with Thomas Walpuski)

  7. Rectifiability and Minkowski bounds for the zero loci of Z/2 harmonic spinors in dimension 4

  8. Modulo 2 counting of Klein-bottle leaves in smooth taut foliations
    Algebraic & Geometric Topology 18 (2018) 2701-2727

  9. A monopole Floer invariant for foliations without transverse invariant measure

Expository writings

A note on the hypoellipticity of Folland-Stein heat operators

On Mostow's Rigidity Theorem (Minor thesis supervised by Curtis T. McMullen)


MAT 567: Topics in Low Dimensional Topology: Yang-Mills Equation and Instanton Floer Homology (Princeton, Spring 2020)
Undergraduate Reading course: Morse Theory (Princeton, Fall 2019)
MAT 175: Mathematics for Economics and Life Sciences (Princeton, Fall 2019)
Math 104: Calculus II (Princeton, Fall 2018, Spring 2019)
Math 1b: Calculus, Series, and Differential Equations. (Harvard, Spring 2017)
Undergraduate Tutorial: Morse Theory (Harvard, Spring 2016)
Summer Tutorial: Knots and Links (Harvard, Summer 2015)
Qualifying Exam Tutorial (Harvard, Summer 2015)
Math 1b: Calculus, Series, and Differential Equations. (Harvard, Spring 2015)
Qualifying Exam Tutorial (Harvard, Summer 2014)