Stefanos Aretakis 

        Stefanos Aretakis

I am an Assistant Professor in the Math Department at Princeton University.

Previously, I was a Veblen Research Instructor at Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study (2012-2015).

In June 2012, I completed my PhD at the University of Cambridge (Trinity College).
My PhD adviser is Professor Mihalis Dafermos.


I am one of the organizers of the Princeton Analysis Seminar.

I am one of the organizers of the 31st Geometry Festival which will be held at Princeton
University from April 8 to April 10, 2016. Please visit the website for links to the registration
 form and other important information.

I am also co-organizing a Research Summer School on topics in analysis and partial differential
 equations and applications at Reading University, UK, from July 4 to July 8, 2016.
This summer school is funded by the London Mathematical Society (LMS) and the
Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI).


Research Interests

Differential Geometry, Analysis of PDEs, General Relativity,

I am interested in problems concerning the mathematical analysis of differential equations in general relativity. Specifically, I work on the stability problem for black holes, on gluing problems for characteristic initial data and on scattering problems for the Einstein equations.

I would like to acknowledge support through NSF grant DMS-1265538.





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