Topics in Representation Theory

This is a webpage for the seminar on arithmetic invariant theory at Princeton in Fall 2011. The seminar is run by Manjul Bhargava and takes place every Monday from 2-4 pm in Fine 214. Kevin Wilson also has notes for the seminar.


September 26, Manjul Bhargava (Princeton) Introduction: Prehomogeneous Spaces

October 3, Wei Ho (Columbia) Coregular Spaces and Genus One Curves.

October 10, Jack Thorne (Harvard) Coregular Spaces and Vinberg Theory. Review Notes

October 17, Benedict Gross (Harvard) Some Arithmetically Interesting Orbits

October 24, Alison Miller (Princeton) Arithmetic aspect of Knot Invariants.

October 31 - Fall Break

November 7 - Jack Thorne (Harvard) Arithmetic of Simple Singularities

November 14 - Arul Shankar (Princeton) Counting Techniques for the Average Rank of Elliptic Curves (Bjorn Poonen has a wonderful exposition of the contents of this talk here )

November 21 - Stephen Sam (MIT) Free Resolutions and Vinberg Theory (Sam's notes can be found here)

November 28 - Takashi Taniguchi (Princeton) Sato-Shintani Zeta Functions

December 5 - Kevin Wilson (Princeton) del Pezzo surfaces

December 12 - Abhinav Kumar (MIT) K3 surfaces