Choosing the Right Math Course

What Should I Take?

What are the Courses?

An overview of the math courses most freshmen choose from.

Other Questions?

Try the general math FAQ page.

Placement Philosophy

Deciding which math course is the best fit may feel like a real challenge, so we have gathered some general information here to help you make a reasonable plan. Just keep in mind that this process often involves a bit of trial and error, and as the first few days of the semester provide additional important information, it will be easy to make adjustments in your schedule if necessary.

The Math Placement Process at Princeton:

This process is very flexible and gives excellent results, but the add/drop adjustment step is crucial. It relies on students to take an active role in gathering information and (re)assessing their situation in the early weeks of the semester. All the general information needed to get started can be found here on these web pages, and various advisors, formal and informal, are available to help with your questions. We recommend that you take the time to thoroughly explore the various possibilites by reviewing the information provided in the various links.

Who to Contact:

If you still have questions after you have reviewed this math placement guide, representatives from the math department will be available at freshman registration to answer your questions or you can e-mail us in advance:

Jennifer Johnson, Associate Departmental Representative
For more info, see the adeptrep home page.

Micah Warren, math placement officer AY 2011-12