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The"Training, Research and Motion" (TRAM) network is a network between Princeton University Department of Mathematics (USA) and other world leading centers of mathematics funded by the Global Collaborative Research Fund. The current partnering institutions are:

Beijing International
Center for Mathematical Research

Peking University

Centre for Mathematical Sciences

University of Cambridge

Department of Mathematics

ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal
Institute of Tech. Zurich)

Department of Mathematics

Princeton University

Einstein Institute of Mathematics*

The Hebrew University
of Jerusalem

Hausdorff Center for Mathematics

University of Bonn

Institute of Mathematics

Academia Sinica

Moscow Center for Continuous
Mathematical Education

Independent University of Moscow

School of Mathematical Sciences*

Tel Aviv University

Weizmann Institute of Science*



The idea of the network is to foster exchange of students and faculty between the participating institutions.

In concrete terms this means that the network provides graduate students and faculty with the opportunity to attend special lecture series, workshop or special programs at one of the participating institutions. The network facilitates and supports shorter and longer research stays at the partnering institutions as well as joint network activities.

*Part of the Israel Cluster of Excellence