Mentoring Möbius

Meet upperclassmen, graduate students, post-docs and more!


Even though it's freezing cold outside, it's that time of the year for undergraduates to start thinking about what to do in the summer math-wise. Ask your mentor (or, if you are a mentor, bug your mentee) about what you can do. The basic options are working with a professor on a project or attending a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in one of the many locations around the US. A subset of this year's REU's can be found here. Deadlines to apply are usually in January, so keep that in mind!

What is Mentoring Möbius?

This is a program designed to link undergraduates of all levels who are interested in pursuing math with mentors who can help them navigate the mathematics major at Princeton University.

Freshman & Sophomores

What is such a mentor for? Your mentor can help you choose your courses, recommend professors and helpful textbooks, figure out the requirements for the math major, advise you on summer programs for mathy people, chat about math, and just generally enrich your experience in the math department.

Juniors & Seniors

Moreover, we offer all math majors the opportunity to have a graduate student mentor. Your mentor can be invaluable for guiding you through the process of your first independent work, including choosing a JP or thesis advisor appropriate to your field of interest, advising you about interesting summer math programs, and giving insider tips on the process of applying to graduate fellowships and programs, and finally, choosing a graduate school. Moreover, we invite juniors and seniors to get involved mentoring underclass math majors.


If you would like to have a mentor, or to be one, please email Alice Lin at We look forward to welcoming you into the Mentoring Möbius!