Juniors & Seniors

Give back within the department to support future classes of female Math majors.

Conferences & More

Title Location Description Application Deadline Link
IAS Women and Mathematics Princeton Annual week-long conference in May with a different topic every year Mid-February Link
EDGE (Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education) Location Changes Summer program for women who are about to start a PhD program, or who have just completed their first year. Comes with a small stipend plus room & board. Early March Link
GROW (Graduate Research Opportunities for Women) Conference Northwestern University Conference in late October for women in math Opens in June Link
Southeastern Conference for Undergraduate Women in Math Duke Weekend conference in mid-November October 25 Link
Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Math University of Nebraska-Lincoln Weekend conference in January Unknown Link
MSRI-UP UC Berkeley MSRI is a research institute in Berkeley, California. MSRI-UP is a summer research program for undergraduates. Unknown Link
- Abigail Hickok '18, Casandra Monroe '18

Fellowship Opportunities

- Abigail Hickok '18, Casandra Monroe '18