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Sharon Zhang

Undergraduate, Class of 2021

Sharon Zhang '21 is prospective Math major from Princeton, NJ. Outside of being a Math major, Sharon is a graphic designer and artist.

Aria Wong

Undergraduate, Class of 2020

Aria Wong '20 is a recently declared Math major from Boston, MA interested in Mathematical Logic. Aria had a non-traditional path to the Math department and is happy to talk about her experiences beginning the Math major late. Aria also loves graphic design and she is very involved with Business Today and Fashion Speaks on campus.

Helena Tenev

Undergraduate, Class of 2019

Helena Hingston Tenev '19, from Princeton Junction, NJ, is a Math major who is also pursuing a certificate in Vocal Consort Singing. She loves discussing ways to make the Princeton Math Department more gender inclusive. On campus, Helena also sings with the Princeton Glee Club and Chamber Choir, and is involved with Progressive Christians at Princeton (PCAP).

Jenny Kaufmann

Undergraduate, Class of 2019

Jenny Kaufmann '19 is a Math major from Pennsylvania. At Princeton she lead MathReach, a math enrichment program for high schoolers, and she was the 2017 president of the Math Club.

Maggie Miller

Third-Year Graduate Student

Maggie Miller is a 3rd year graduate student. She is studying geometric topology, and is particularly interested in questions about knots.

Dr. Casey Kelleher

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Casey researches geometric analysis with an emphasis on geometric flows. She believes in promoting conversation about diversity within the mathematics community.

Dr. Christine Taylor

Senior Lecturer

Christine Taylor's PhD thesis was on manifolds with exceptional holonomy; more recently she has worked on evolutionary game theory.

Professor Ana Menezes

Assistant Professor, Freshman Math Placement Officer

Ana Menezes works on Differential Geometry, she is interested in minimal and constant mean curvature surfaces in homogeneous spaces.