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The Graduate Students' Guide to Generals is a collection of files with reports of mathematics graduate students of Princeton University on their generals. This service was established by Ariel Glenn (many thanks to her) and maintained through the ages by a long list of graduate students, including but not limited to Adrian Banner, Dennis Kosygin, Kevin Hughes, Steven J. Miller, Jade Vinson, Ryan Siders, and Matthew de Courcy-Ireland. We hope that this information will be helpful for future generations of mathematics students in Princeton. We also encourage everyone who has already passed generals and especially those who found this database useful to share their experiences and to contribute to this collection. This database is currently maintained by:
Laura Shou (

Disclaimer: The questions contained in this database are to be regarded purely as a sample of the mathematics students' experience in taking the general examinations. This document was prepared by mathematics students without faculty participation, and is not to be construed as a syllabus for the generals.
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Last modified: October 2018