Princeton University
Department of Mathematics

Low-dimensional topology and its interactions with symplectic geometry
Summer 2018 Geometry/Topology RTG mini-conference #1

June 20-22, 2018

Symplectic geometry and its interactions with low-dimensional topology
Summer 2018 Geometry/Topology RTG mini-conference #2

June 28-29, 2018

Conference Banquets

There will be two banquets: one for the first mini-conference on Thursday, June 21; and one for the second on Thursday, June 28. Those wishing to attend one or both should register for the summer school or the corresponding mini-conference. The cost of each banquet for registered conference participants is $20; for students, it is $10. Summer school participants can apply their dining points to pay the fee. Please sign up and pay (cash, check, or dining points) in advance; we will have a sign-up booth on Wednesday and Thursday. Both banquets will be held at Palmer House, about a 15 minute walk from the department, at 6:00PM. (A group will meet in the ground floor of the math department at 5:45 for the stroll over to Palmer House.)