Kenny Ascher


Office: Fine Hall 1009

About me:

I am an Instructor/NSF Postdoc at Princeton University.

Previously, I was a Postdoc Research Member at MSRI (Spring 2019), and an NSF Postdoc at MIT (2017-2018).

Here is my CV.

Research Interests

Algebraic & arithmetic geometry-- moduli spaces of higher dimensional varieties, birational geometry, logarithmic geometry, hyperbolicity, and rational/integral points.

Publications & Preprints

Conferences Organized


In Fall 2019 I am the course head for Math 202 (Linear Algebra).

Some Past Teaching


- In Summer 2018 and 2019 I gave lectures to high school students as part of the SIMUW program at the University of Washington.

- In Summer 2017 I worked at Yale University as a project mentor for SUMRY, where I mentored 3 undergraduates in a research project (see paper * above; Connor will start a PhD in Math at Berkeley in Fall 2019).

- While at Brown, I was an active member of the Math CoOp organized by Kavita Ramanan. We discuss, create, and deliver (applicable) mathematics presentations to K - 12 students in the New England area.

Last Updated: May 30 2019