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Contributed by: Elliott H. Lieb (Princeton Univ.), Sept. 15, 1998.

Abstract   Recent experiments on dilute Bose gases of atoms seem to corroborate a long held belief that Bose-Einstein condensation occurs in weakly interacting systems. Is this really true?
After six decades of work we still do not have a proof of this in any continuum model, and the only known proof is for a special case of a special lattice model [1].

Further technical details are in the TeX document appended below.

  1. E. H. Lieb, T. Kennedy and S. Shastry, Phys. Rev. Lett. 61, 2582 (1988)).

    Some background can be found in:

  2. E. Lieb: The Bose Fluid, Lectures in Theoretical Physics, Vol. VIIC, (Boulder summer school), University of Colorado Press, 175-224 (1965).

  3. The following web site is also a useful source of information.


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