SWIM 2010

Group Projects

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Group 1: Meena Boppana, Ashley Cho, and Anibha Singh

Project Title: Second-Cousin Marriages

Group 2: Mollie Breen and Audrey Vernick

Project Title: Facebook Friend Wheel

Group 3: Xinyi Chen and Callie McRee

Project Title: Investigating Network Statistics

Group 4: Donna Choi and Marissa Stpehens

Project Title: Medici Family Influence - Various Measures of Centrality

Group 5: Bianca Homberg and Minna Liu

Project Title: Sums of Squares

Group 6: Meiyi Shi and Tessa Xie

Project Title: Prime, Modular Arithmetic, and Squares

Group 7: Jessica Yao and Shuxin Zhan

Project Title: Elliptic Curves

Group 8: Una Boyle and Jessica Morrise

Project Title: Isomorphic Semigroups of Boolean Matrices

Group 9: Angie Chen and Kit Haines

Project Title: Jarnik's Problem


Updated Friday, August 4, 2010