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Notes on Thin Matrix Groups,

Notes with P.Cohen on the trace formula Chapter 6

Notes with P.Cohen on the trace formula Chapter 7

Letter to Morawetz

Fall 2006 - Hans Rademacher Lectures in Mathematics

Notes on the Generalized Ramanujan Conjectures

Letter to J. Davis About Reciprocal Geodesics

Notes for Ramanujan Graphs and the Ramanijan Conjectures - Hedrick Lectures 2004

Notes for Baltimore Lectures - January 2003

Fields Institute Lectures - June 2003

Quantum variance for Hecke eigenforms

Shalika 60th Birthday

Bombieri Letter

Rudnick Letter

Notes on Booker's Paper

Comments on Langland's Lecture

Number Variance paper with Xiaoqing Li

Primes and Orbits

Letter to Lagarias on integral Apollonian packings

Integral points on quadrics in three variables whose coordiantes have few prime factors (joint with J.Liu)

PIMS 2007 lecture:"Equidistribution and Primes"

Linnik-Selberg Conjecture (joint with J.Tsimerman)

Letter to Mozzochi on winding numbers of closed geodesics

"Some commentary on Atle Selberg's Mathematics"(with D.Hejhal)

"Affine linear sieve,expanders and sum-product"with J.Bourgain and A.Gamburd

"Spectral Gap for products of PSL(2,R)" with D.Kelmer

Letter to Reznikov on Restrictions of eigenfunctions

Letter to Barry Mazur on Chebyshev Bias for tau(p)

"Remembering Paul Cohen" by Peter Sarnak

Arithmetic Quantum Chaos

Perspectives on the Analytic Theory of L-Functions

Recent Progress on QUE

Prime and Almost Prime Integral Points on Principal Homogeneous Spaces (with A. Nevo)

Variance of aritmetic measures on the modular surafce (with W. Luo and Z. Rudnick)

Integral Apollonian Packings - MAA Lecture January 2009

Linking Numbers of Modular Knots

Generalization of Selberg's 3/16 Theorem and Affine Sieve

"Affine sieve" slides of lectures summer 2010

"Mass equidistribution and zeros/nodal domains of modular forms" slides of Dartmuth lectures, July 2010

"Mobius randomness and dynamics" lecture slides summer 2010

"Determinants of Laplacians, heights and finiteness" (1990) from Vol in honor of J. Moser