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Welcome to Princeton's Noetherian Ring.

The Noetherian Ring is an informal organization for the Princeton math department's women at all levels, from freshmen to senior faculty. It offers opportunities for female mathematicians to interact with one another in many different forums, with the goal of building networks of support.

The 2012-13 Noetherian Ring contacts are Heather Macbeth (macbeth at math), Linh Truong (ltruong at math), and Yaim Cooper (yaim at math).

This website also hosts information on Princeton's Mentoring Möbius, a comprehensive mentoring program for undergraduates interested in mathematics. Founded in 2006 by the Noetherian Ring, this program has since 2009 been open to men as well as women.

The 2012-13 Mentoring Möbius contact is Alison Miller (abmiller at math).

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