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Detailed Explanation for Sequential Runoff Example

  group of 18 group of 12 group of 10 group of 9 group of 4 group of 2
Samuel Adams234133
Meister Brau323311

Meister Brau has the lowest number of first-place votes (6), and is therefore the first beer to be eliminated. After eliminating Meister Brau and renumbering, the reduced preference schedule becomes:

Killians 412313
Molson 144444
Samuel Adams223122
Guinness 331231

Continuing this process, we eliminate Samuel Adams, because it has the fewest first-place votes (9). The next reduced preference schedule is then

Killians 312212
Molson 133333
Guinness 221121

and we now must eliminate Killians. Finally we are down to a race with two contenders only:

Molson 122222
Guinness 211111

and Guinness, with 37 first-place votes against Molson's 18, wins.

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