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Borda Count

We continue with the same table:

Preference Schedule

  group of 18 group of 12 group of 10 group of 9 group of 4 group of 2
Killians 512424
Molson 155555
Samuel Adams234133
Guinness 441242
Meister Brau323311

A Borda count assigns points to each candidate. A candidate gets 5 points for every first-place vote, 4 points for every second-place vote, 3 points for every third-place vote, 2 points for every fourth-place vote, and 1 point for every fifth-place vote. For example, the point total for Molson would be calculated as follows:

place# of votespoints/vote# of points
1 18590
2 040
3 030
4 020
5 37137

Total is 127 for Molson.

The winner is simply the candidate with the highest point total.

Borda Count

Given the above preference schedule, which beer would win using a Borda count? Do not forget to press "Enter".

Click here if you need an explanation for the example above.

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